Walking in Majorca

Mallorca is one of Europe's most popular warm island walking destinations. The variety of walks is remarkable ranging from leisurely strolls to pathless scrambles reaching some of the most remote peaks.

Walking in Majorca

The Serra Tramuntana mountain range, stretching from Andratx to Formentor is an absolute paradise for the Outdoor Enthusiast and for this reason it's at the heart of Mon d'Aventura walking programme.

Mon d'Aventura are a local Majorcan company dedicated to active, imaginative and adventurous people of all ages, shapes and sizes who enjoy being in the Great Outdoors. They specialise in walking tours (amongst other outdoor activities) organised by a team of expert guides, who are trained to suit the needs of any Outdoor Enthusiast - from beginner to expert.

They have a range of walks available, varying in diffculty. Their ratings are as follows:

  • EASY / EASY+: Suitable for anyone reasonably fit...
  • MEDIUM: A bit energetic, crossing mainly defined paths...
  • MEDIUM+: More energetic and more ups and downs...
  • DIFFICULT: Strenuous for experienced walkers or anyone in a good fit condition. Can involve challenging ascents/descents and hard walking terrain.

( All Mon d'Aventura's walking trips DO NOT involve wall / rock climbing)

Majorca Walking Tips

Always wear SUITABLE AND CONFORTABLE FOOTWEAR. Whether you choose boots, shoes or sandals, they must be up to the task! For the medium to difficult excursions - boots with ankle support or hiking shoes are recommended. Good walking footwear with a hard sole, plenty of grip and worn with thick mountain socks makes all the difference and is normally better than trainers.

Pack a BACKPACK with at least 1 litre of water per person to avoid dehydration; a waterproof as the weather can change quickly in the walking season; a lightweight jumper or fleece as it can get chilly higher up; and sun protection....a hat can be useful...

Find out more by visiting Mon d'Aventura.

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