Things to do in Majorca and Attractions in Majorca

Aside from the many water parks and golf courses on Majorca there are a number of other attractions and things to do in Majorca...

Shopping in Palma

Palma's Tree Lined Avenues

Palma's shopping district has everything from up-market boutiques to familar high street stores. You'll find modern shopping malls and hypermarkets. Enjoy shopping in this historic city strolling through tree lined avenues whilst surrounded by great gothic achitecture.

Visit a Majorcan Market Town

Practically every town in Majorca has a weekly market. Typically starting early in the morning and finishing by noon. The largest market is held on Thursdays in Inca.

Take a Trip on the train to Soller

Whether you're a rail buff or not you'll find the Soller Railway a must do activity during you stay on Majorca. The railway links Palma and Soller via a 27km narrow-gauge track through some spectacular landscapes. See the Soller Train for more info.

Windsurfing in Majorca

All the major beach resorts in Majorca offer windsurfing facilities. Hire out the windsurfing equipment by the hour. Majorca's not the windiest of places so this is a great place for begginers to start learning - perhaps not such a thrill for serious windsurfers.

Water Skiing in Majorca

All the major beach resorts in Majorca offer water skiing facilities.

Horse racing in Majorca

The Hipodromo Son Pardo was Europes first floodlit racecourse. The racecourse is located in Palma and was opened in 1965. In Majorca a popular form of horse racing is Trotting racing. It's a form of racing where the jockey sits in a cart pulled by the horse and the jockey must prevent the horse from galloping. It's been popular in Majorca for over 200 years.

Bull Fighting in Majorca

The Placa de Toros is the place to go for bull fighting on Majorca. It's again situated in the capital, Palma.

Scuba Diving in Mallorca

Scuba diving is available in most major beach resorts. You can take the PADI course or if you're already qualified you can hire out a partner/trainer. Water temperatures in Majorca range from 14 degrees C in winter up to 26 degrees C in the height of summer. A single tank dive including equipment should cost in the region of 60-70 euros.

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