Majorca Pearls

Majorca pearls are also called the Majorica Pearl and are considered to be one of the most perfect imitations of the natural pearl in the world. It was the brain-child of Hungarian chemist Geza Zsolt who created the first Majorica pearl back in 1952.

Majorca has a history of producing manufactured pearls. In 1890 a German entrepreneur named Eduardo Hugo Heusch set up his pearl making business at Manacor, Majorca. Since then Majorica's head office has been established on the island.

Majorca Pearls

There are several factories making pearls which can be visited. There you can watch the pearls being processed although not everything will be revealed as the exact ingredients of the pearls are understandibly a closely guarded secret. It is speculated that the main ingredient is ground fish scales. Over 50 million of these pearls are manufactured each year.

You can visit the factory and watch the manufacturing process. Afterwards visit the on site factory shop, Perlas Orquidea, Plaza Ramon, Llull 14, Manacor

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