Cuevas del Drac - The Caves of Drac

Caves of Drach

The Cuevas del Drac or the Caves of Drac are limestone caves known to the islanders since ancient times. It is speculated that the name Drac, which translates to dragon, was a reference to the cave's mythical guardian dragon.

The caves or coves are a very popular tourist attraction for the island. Tours of the grottoes are held every hour and the visitor will be given the chance to see four spectacular chambers.

On your jouney through the chambers you'll see thousands of stalactites hanging from above and just as many stalagmites emerging from the ground. You'll also see serveral subterranean lakes in the caves the largest being over 170m long. With clever lighting reflecting of the lake, it's a fantastic photo opportunity. To enjoy the lakes even further, the visitor will be offered a gondolier ride.

At the end of the tour visitors are guided to an amphitheatre where live classical music is performed accommpanied by some lighting effects which illuminate the caves.

It's worth pointing out that as well as the caves there is also a beautiful garden, featuring mediterranean plants and trees, to enjoy before the tour while you wait.

*Photo used under Creative Commons from john_worsley_uk.

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